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Will Clients Agree With UK Asset Managers’ Possible Move to Using Commissions to Pay for Research Once Again?

Since July 2023, the UK asset management industry has been discussing whether the research payment optionality proposed by Rachel Kent in her UK Investment Research Review is realistic, particularly since ...

Extending SEC “No Action” Will Harm US Investors

Recently, Harvard Law School Professor, Howell E. Jackson and CEO of Healthy Markets Association, Tyler Gellasch published an article arguing that “if the SEC [extends its “no action” letter], public ...

2022 US Equity Commissions Fell 18% According to Bloomberg

U.S. institutional equity commissions shrank to $7.3 billion in 2022, down $1.6 billion from a buoyant $8.9 billion in 2021.  IPO volumes fell as market values collapsed, creating a more ...

US Equity Commissions Resume Decline, Falling 10% in Latest Coalition Greenwich Survey

The downward trend in US equity commissions reasserted itself after a brief respite during the frenzied pandemic trading, shrinking 10.1% for the 12 months ended March 2022, according to the ...

2021 US Equity Commissions Jumped 25% According Bloomberg

U.S. institutional equity commissions surged to $8.9 billion in 2021, the highest amount since MiFID II’s unbundling provisions impacted spending.  Demand for IPOs appeared to be a major factor in ...
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Commission Rates Fell in 2021 Despite Higher Trading Activity

Higher trading volumes during 2021 were accompanied by lower commission rates in the US and Europe – but not in the UK, according to data from Virtu Financial (formerly ITG).  ...
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Survey: US Research Spending Increased 30% in 2021

A buy-side survey conducted by Virtu in the fourth quarter of 2021 found that research wallets and spending grew 30% in 2021.  Since over half of the mostly US-based respondents ...

US Equity Commissions Up 10% During Pandemic in Latest Coalition Greenwich Survey

US equity commissions grew 10.3% for the 12 months ended March 2021, according to the latest Coalition Greenwich survey.  Commissions increased to $7.36 billion as of the first quarter of ...

Confusion Abounds Regarding First Half Research Payments

During the past few months, a number of conflicting developments have taken place in the research industry to create confusion regarding the likelihood of near-term research payment levels.  The following ...

TIAA Joins Ranks of US Managers Paying for Research from P&L

According to a recent article, US asset manager TIAA has joined the ranks of less than ten US asset managers that have started paying for third-party research from their P&Ls, ...
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