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Primary Research Firm OTR Global Unbundles Pricing

OTR Global, one of the largest channel research firms, divested its trading desk and shifted to a more defined pricing model for its content, reflecting regulatory and market trends pressing ...

Confusion Reigns In Pricing Research

Banks are pitching various research pricing approaches for fixed income and equity research, according to a Bloomberg article.  Asset managers are being presented with a bewildering array of fee structures ...

Integrity Research Releases Research Pricing Study Benchmarking Research Fees

Global survey of investment banks and independent research firms helps asset managers prepare for new regulations unbundling research payments from trading March 9, 2016 Darien CT –Integrity Research Associates LLC ...
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Research Will Become More Like Market Data

Market data spending exceeded $27 billion in 2016 according to estimates from Burton-Taylor International, a consulting firm focused on the market data industry.  For research providers facing increasing unbundling of ...

Macquarie Launches New MiFID II Pricing Structure For Research

In a response to MiFID II requirements for providers of bundled research to offer more explicit pricing, Macquarie Group has launched a new research pricing structure combining an initial subscription ...
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Research Aggregator Alphametry Releases Research Evaluation Whitepaper

Paris-based research portal Alphametry published a whitepaper on assessing research, one of the new research procurement requirements under MiFID II.  The paper promotes a research valuation approach based on ratings ...

What Research Services Do Investors Value Most?

 As institutional investors are pressured by regulators and market forces to be more careful in their research spending, research providers must prioritize services which add the most value to their ...

BCG Recommends Greater Research Price Transparency For Banks

As their return on equity declines, investment banks need to become more like information companies, not giving away their research to generate trading, according to a recent Boston Consulting Group ...

Will Research Budgeting Kill the Broker Vote?

This is the first of a two-part article on research budgeting.  Research providers generally understand the current broker vote process and how the broker vote can potentially lead to increased ...

Citigroup Limits Analyst Access to Firms With More than $2 Million Commissions

This year Citigroup has limited access to its equity research analysts to under a hundred top clients, according to an article in Bloomberg.  The move reflects broader efforts to better ...