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Ned Davis Research Bets Its Future On ETFs

During a recent Euromoney strategy presentation, Ned Davis Research CEO Matthias Paul revealed the investment strategy firm’s plans for creating new investment products, along with other growth initiatives.  ETFs tied ...

The Challenging Rewards of Transparent Pricing

What are the incentives for research providers to adopt more transparent pricing? European regulators are trying to promote more transparency, but explicit pricing from independent research firms predates regulatory efforts. ...

Integrity Research Releases Research Pricing Study Benchmarking Research Fees

Integrity Research Associates LLC today released a major new study of research pricing designed to make it easier to put a value on investment research. “Most institutional equity research is still ...

Corporate Access ‘Invoicing’: More Transparency But No Pricing

The following is a guest article from Caspar Luard, who heads sales and marketing for MeetMax corporate access software. As part of its standard disclosures to asset manager clients, JP Morgan ...

Broker Vote Poised For Change

The following is a guest article from Caspar Luard, who heads sales and marketing for MeetMax and EasyBrokerVote. I provide these comments as a long-time observer of the broker voting process. ...

Wood Mac Goes A La Carte

Wood Mackenzie, an industry research firm focused on the energy and materials sectors, launched an on-demand e-commerce capability, selling its reports by the drink. Although Wood Mac previously sold one-off ...

Integrity Initiates Research Pricing Survey

Integrity Research recently launched its second annual research pricing survey, designed to provide more transparency on research pricing. Targeted to independent research providers, the survey is invitation only.  A link to ...

The Challenges Of Funding Research

The following description of the difficulty of assigning commission revenues to research within a large investment bank is written by Brad Hintz, a former II-ranked analyst at Sanford Bernstein following ...
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Hurewitz: Compete To Be Different

The following is the second of a two-part Q&A with Barry Hurewitz, Managing Director and COO of UBS Investment Research Division. Hurewitz was recruited to UBS in 2013, along with ...
Premium Implements Freemium Pricing Structure

An article in Folio Magazine discusses’s decision to implement a “freemium” subscription approach which allows limited access to paid content. The new approach risks cannibalizing its $50 million in ...
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