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 New York, NY – Today the Investorside Research Association, the non-profit trade group representing the independent research industry, announced the election of Richard Leggett as Chairman and the appointment of three new board members. Mr. Leggett, who is Head of the Governance Business unit at RiskMetrics Group, has been a member of Investorside and served on the board of directors for the past 4 years. He succeeds Stanton Green, President and CEO of OTR Global.

Prior to joining RiskMetrics in August of 2007, Mr. Leggett was President and Chief Executive Officer of the Center for Financial Research and Analysis (CFRA), which was acquired by RiskMetrics. Mr. Leggett was also a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs in New York and London in both the technology equity research and investment banking divisions, where he held leadership roles. “Investorside is very fortunate to have a person like Rich who is taking over as Chairman,” Mr. Green said. “He is a thoughtful, intelligent person with a real understanding of the research industry and an appreciation for the issues facing it. From his days at Goldman through CFRA and now RiskMetrics, Rich has demonstrated an intelligence and ethical standard which is core to Investorside values.”

Mr. Leggett praised Mr. Green’s tenure as Chairman. “Stanton’s contributions to Investorside have been invaluable; he spearheaded the largest membership growth in recent years, implemented several innovative outreach programs such as Members Day and organized the highly successful 2008 annual Independents Day Conference, which reached a new milestone in attendance. In addition, Stanton oversaw the 2007 legislative initiative in Washington, D.C., created educational programs to keep pace with the rapidly changing investment landscape, and supervised the transition of a new executive director.”

Investorside is also pleased to announce the appointment of three new board members: Penny Herscher, President and CEO of FirstRain; Paul Henneman, President of ValueEngine, Inc. and Anne Maffei, President of Vista Research, Inc. “Given the influx of new members this year and the changing landscape of investment research from traditional methods to recently adopted alternative methodologies, it makes sense to diversify our leadership to match the dynamics of the market,” said Mr. Green. “We are fortunate to represent the leading independent research providers who continue to innovate the way research is gathered and disseminated.”

About Investorside

The Investorside Research Association is a non-profit trade association of investment research providers that do not engage in investment banking, company consulting or research-for-hire. Our members constitute the leading investment research firms in the world, providing research that works purely for investors.

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