Coleman Research Group Beefs up RMS


New York – On April 2, 2008, Coleman Research Group—an expert network provider—announced the acquisition of Endowment Capital Group’s research management software, called Clio. Coleman will immediately begin the integration of Clio with its own Knowledge Broker application.  The combination of the two capabilities will be known as Knowledge Broker RMS. In short, the new product will allow clients to manage all of their research content, regardless of source, in a convenient and accessible manner.

Knowledge Broker RMS will help investment professionals manage all aspects of their research and investment projects. It will also provide portfolio managers with the ability to locate and manage their database of industry contacts, create projects, perform keyword searches, record and review a history of all research projects and produce real-time project reports. As such, Knowledge Broker RMS will facilitate research management and expert matching through CRG’s Executive Forum.
Clio was developed by a hedge fund for the purposes of executing deep fundamental research including contact with analysts and industry experts. The new Knowledge Broker RMS will also be able to handle compliance related issues, such as maintaining customer specific policies, alongside tracking overall compliance procedures.


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