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New York – ConsumerEdge Research is an independent equity research and consulting boutique focused on the global consumer sector. The firm offers non-consensus ideas combining primary research and syndicated data sources with valuation analysis.

ConsumerEdge Insight is the custom research and consulting affiliate of ConsumerEdge Research. ConsumerEdge Insight offers syndicated trend trackers covering regions and topics such as US, China, electronics, beverages, and home improvement among others. It also offers custom studies which can be one-time projects or ongoing tracking of trends and changes in behavior. ConsumerEdge Insight’s capabilities are global and cover any consumer-facing industry.

Consumer Edge Research was started by Bill Pecoriello the number one ranked beverage analyst by Institutional Investor for 6 years straight.  ConsumerEdge Insight is headed by David Decker who spent eight years at Morgan Stanley leading the development of a global team that conducts market research on behalf of sell-side investment analysts to help them better predict future company performance.

ConsumerEdge Insight implements robust compliance polices observing issues related to material non-public information, confidentiality, and trading restrictions, among others.

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David Decker

Phone: 203-504-7558



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