Datamyne 2.0: Simplifying trade data research


Miami – Datamyne recently announced its latest product release, featuring a friendlier user interface and expanded user options that make it easy to run complex searches and analyses of its import-export data. Datamyne provides the world’s largest searchable trade database, a top source of information on cargos, markets and trading partners in the US, Latin America, EU and Asia.

“The user dialog with the database is direct, easy and immediate,” says Brendan R. McCahill, CEO of Datamyne. “Datamyne 2.0 orients your data search on a single page. As you build – and edit – a search query by selecting fields and entering criteria, a quick-loading preview instantly shows you results,” McCahill explains.

Users can save search queries to a dashboard for one-click refreshes with the latest available data. Queries can also be set to generate alerts – emailed notices – of new shipment arrivals meeting the user’s specified criteria.

Among the features included in the new release:

  • More search fields available with which to build database queries, including marks and numbers on cargos.
  • Easy-to-use analytic tools for looking at trade from multiple perspectives.
  • Drag-and-drop selection of fields for viewing.
  • Fast downloads to Microsoft Excel* spreadsheets.

We recently wrote about using Datamyne’s trade data to track an under-covered company (Glencore). The company is offering free online demonstrations (which include a complimentary research report) of Datamyne 2.0. To request a demo, go to


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