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New York – After making product revisions and executing a name change, Disclosure Insight (Previously SEC Insight) announced today that it is making available the data which the company receives from the SEC under the Freedom of Information Act free. There is no registration process involved in accessing this information.

Disclosure Insight does deep dive analysis on companies, in which it summarizes 100 risk factors, grouped into 6 categories including 1) SEC Activity, 2) Auditor and Accounting issues, 3) Executive changes and analysis, 4) Analysis of the Board, 5) Capital Market transactions, and 6) Other actions, such as IRS investigations, law suits etc. The result of its analysis is the DI Report, which tabulates these risk factors and assigns a DI Score to the company. Depending on the DI Score, the company is allocated to one of three lists. The DI Focus List are those companies that are judged to be troubled, the DI Watch List are those companies deemed to have potential problems looming, and the DI Database contains the universe of companies that are covered by Disclosure Insight.

We include the press release below:

Disclosure Insight® Begins Releasing SEC Records Acquired under the FOIA

  • Data on undisclosed SEC investigations and historical comment letters now available for free.
  • Disclosure Insight® stays focused as a publisher of investment research.

In a move certain to make public companies think twice about holding back disclosure of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigations, Disclosure Insight® (formerly known as SEC Insight) is releasing data it acquires from the SEC under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for free. This includes the only data of its kind in the private sector regarding undisclosed SEC investigations, as well as historical SEC comment letters previously only available through a commercial provider or filing of a FOIA request.

Disclosure Insight® currently has over 60 companies on its D.I. Watch List™ where FOIA data indicates undisclosed SEC investigative activity of some kind. Not all SEC investigations are of consequence to investors. However, many can have severe consequences. The proper interpretation of an SEC challenge, whether disclosed or not, often requires an in-depth risk assessment exercise.

To accomplish this, Disclosure Insight® is introducing its D.I. Report™, a new risk assessment research publication that delivers “5 Years of Due Diligence in One Report™.” A recent D.I. Report™ on Bally Technologies is posted as a sample at www.disclosureinsight.com. Among the 100 separate risk factors it examines is why that company’s protracted SEC probe should give investors pause.

When asked why Disclosure Insight® was releasing its valuable FOIA data for free, CEO John P. Gavin said, “As a publisher and independent research provider, our business has always been about analysis and publishing, not selling FOIA records. Now that we have the platform to release our FOIA records, we hope to compel public companies to improve their disclosure practices when it comes to SEC and other risks that are so often wrapped in useless boilerplate or hidden from investors.”

Access to SEC investigative data is provided as it becomes available to those who sign up to receive our complimentary D.I. Mailbox™ alerts at www.disclosureinsight.com. No registration is required to access the historical SEC comment letters.


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