Does your firm use surveys as an investment research tool?


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Does your firm use surveys as part of its investment process?  YES _____  / NO _____

This was one of the questions we recently asked 86 analysts and directors of research from buy-side and sell-side firms in North America, Europe, and Asia. Well over one third of participants in our study (38%) revealed that they use surveys, while the majority (62%) revealed that they do not use surveys as part of their investment research process. The responses we obtained from both, users and non-users of survey work, uncovered interesting trends and opportunities presented by this research tool. 

Both users and non-users of surveys shared their views, plans, and needs regarding this tool with us. Their answers and our qualitative analysis will be available next week in Integrity’s next ResearchFocus Report on Custom Survey Work.  

The report highlights the benefits of using surveys as an investment research tool. It provides insight on how analysts can take full advantage of this tool by properly designing, implementing, and/or commissioning survey work. The report will also help survey providers to better understand the opportunities in this market, as well as how to successfully address the specific needs of the investment community.

In addition to the results of our survey and our qualitative analysis, the report includes profiles on almost 50 survey research providers worldwide. While the universe of survey research firms companies around the world is enormous, our report includes a small sample of firms that either are currently servicing investment professionals, or have the capabilities to successfully address the requirements of an investment research project. We have developed a classification model in order to better portray the different capabilities of the various firms.

As a bonus material, the report includes a Best Practices Guide to aid analysts in conducting surveys successfully. While this guide is by no means exhaustive (volumes have been written on how, why, and when to conduct surveys), it is uniquely directed at addressing equity analysts’ specific concerns and providing examples that illustrate the dynamics in an investment research process.

For more information on our upcoming ReserachFocus Report on Custom Survey Research, please contact Matt Bannister at or 646-786-6851.


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