Fireside Chat: Compliance Best Practices for App Usage Data


This Thursday, February 17th, 2022 at 11:00 am, Integrity Research Associates will host the next in its series of live ResearchInsights webinars and fireside chats featuring Jonathan Kay, the CEO and co-founder of Apptopia to discuss Compliance Best Practices for App Usage Data, and reveal some of the key takeaways from last year’s App Annie Settlement.   

Compliance Best Practices for App Usage Data Providers

In 2020, the Securities Exchange Commission brought and settled its first ever compliance related case against an alternative data provider. This settlement stemmed from alleged misrepresentations that data provider App Annie made in how they handle data collected from app owners. Although App Annie was accused of fraud, and not insider trading, the case is relevant to both alternative data providers AND data buyers as the SEC focused its attention on this space for the first, but not the last time.

The upcoming webinar Compliance Best Practices for App Usage Data will discuss the recent App Annie case, as well as address the various compliance policies and procedures that both data providers and buyers need to make sure are in place to limit any potential risk of regulatory scrutiny.  On Thursday, February 17th, 2022 at 11:00 am ET Michael Mayhew of Integrity Research Associates will interview Jonathan Kay, the co-founder and CEO of Apptopia, a major player in the app usage data space to discuss these issues.  A few of the topics this webinar will address include:

  • What were the real compliance issues with the App Annie case?
  • How does this effect what app usage data providers should/should not do?
  • How does this influence what data consumers should pay attention to?
  • What are a few of the most important compliance policies that an app usage data provider MUST implement and why?
  • What are the key compliance policies that app data users should focus on?
  • How can users limit the risk of collecting MNPI from their Alt Data providers?
  • How should app usage providers address PII?
  • Why compliance issues are not the only risks of using alt data?

Click here to register for this week’s live fireside chat. The executives who will take part in this discussion include:

Michael Mayhew, Chairman & Founder, Integrity Research Associates, LLC

Mike Mayhew has over thirty years of experience in the financial services and investment research industries. In 2003 Mike founded Integrity Research Associates, a research advisory firm for buy-side analysts and portfolio managers. Previously, he was President of Garban Information Systems; MD Research, for Maria Fiorini Ramirez Inc.; and, head of strategic planning for Standard & Poor’s Financial Information Group. Mike graduated with a BA in Economics from Stanford University.

Jonathan Kay, CoFounder and CEO, Apptopia

Jonathan Kay is the Co-Founder and CEO of Apptopia, the app data insights and intelligence company, with clients including Google, Zoom, Visa and NBC. A mobile pioneer, Kay entered the market in 2011 to add transparency to the mobile ecosystem through modeled data estimates, and level the playing field. He’s most passionate about organizational efficiency and storytelling.

This week’s live fireside chat is the latest in a series of events organized by Integrity Research Associates covering various sectors, themes, and topics that asset manager clients have asked about.  Click this link to register for this week’s free webinar.


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