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Data company, Coverago is one of the newest additions to Integrity Research’s coverage of independent research providers. Founded by two former investment bankers, John Cooper and  Stefan Lehmann,  Coverago provides  information on publicly traded companies located outside the United States, that is often inaccessible  but of interest and importance to fund managers, investment bankers, professional advisors and corporate buyers .

The firm’s founders recognized the difficulty for financial professionals to search and access public documents on public companies outside the United States in order to learn about specific companies. Thus, Coverago was founded to address these issues. Through  proprietary search and retrieval technology  and data gather centers, Coverago compiles global corporate information in one place.

Below are examples of challenges  Coverago has solved for clients:

  • Centralized Information

“I need all of the public information on the foreign companies I invest in.  I need it in one place, translated, summarized in English, and searchable — and I need to be alerted when new documents pertaining to those companies are added to the system. How can you do that?”

  • Regulatory Fillings

“The Bloomberg fully diluted share count data for the Chinese company whose stock I own seems off. Can you provide me with the most up to date, fully diluted share count information, based on the company’s filings with the Chinese regulator?”

  • Real Time News

“I own a mid-cap oil services Russian oil services company.  I have been frustrated by the fact that its stock moves because of reasons I can’t find out for days — until the news (published in Russian in Russian papers) comes to me via a broker.  How can I get, in English, any news related to that company as it is released in Russian?”

  • Companies, People & Topics

“I would like to be able to better track the macro risks associated with all of the Chinese companies I follow. The easiest and quickest way for me to do this would be to skim over the headlines in the major Chinese dailies, something like the Financial Times’ daily “6am Cut” of important news. The only problem is – I don’t speak Chinese. Can you provide me with something close to this?”

Coverago allows clients to add an additional element  to their investment process when researching specific companies,  concepts, and themes.

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