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New York – The Research Pacific Group has conducted market research in Asia since 1988. With two of the largest emerging economies located in Asia (India and China), independent research covering this region has become increasingly attractive to investors. While new Asia-focused research firms are appearing in response to the research demand, well-established firms such as The Research Pacific Group, might offer great value to investors.

The Research Pacific Group is a full service market research provider that conducts custom research throughout Asia. The Group is headquartered in Singapore with a regional office in Hong Kong. It operates through a network of subsidiaries and partners that allows it to offer coverage of every corner of the Asia Pacific region.

The Group provides both qualitative and quantitative research, from multi-country mass-market surveys to smaller scale, hard-to-reach audiences. Though it conducts research in across industries, areas of specialty include: telecommunications, IT, automotive & transport, finance & banking, travel & tourism.

The Group’s ongoing regional research includes Pulse of Asia, regular polls among a representative quota sample of Asian metro markets on current affair or topical issues. The company believes that the usage of online panels leads to biased samples. Therefore it surveys only freshly recruited respondents through face-to-face interviews in the local language or dialect. Recently conducted polls have covered the following topics: Perceptions of Public Transport Service in Asia; Consumer Attitudes on Food Safety and Product Genuiness; Public  Interest in Forthcoming Major Sports Events.

The Pacific Research Group uses the following data collection methods: convenience/ intercept sampling, strict probability sampling, recruit through web, face-to-face, CATI, CAPI, CAWI, interviews, focus groups, ethnography, dyads/triads, observational and projective. Clients receive customized research and insights with data and updates delivered regularly.


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