FiscalNote Launches AI Agent StressLens to Uncover Nonverbal Clues Flagging Risk


FiscalNote Holdings Inc. (NOTE), a leading AI-driven enterprise SaaS technology provider of global policy and market intelligence, recently announced the launch of AI-based StressLens, a sophisticated tool that equips customers with the real-time ability to quantify the non-verbal clues left by leading decision makers and influencers across the financial, regulatory, and government domains.

About StressLens

FiscalNote’s recent launch of the patent-pending StressLens brings a new and unique way of evaluating financial markets, business analysis, and risk management.  StressLens is an AI tool which analyzes subtle changes in tone, cadence and physical movements associated with the public remarks made by key business decision makers or policy makers to identify nervousness, hidden intentions or incomplete information.

Existing natural language tools only focus on text and therefore lack the ability to decipher the nuanced and distinct individuality of speech patterns and vocal inflections of key business influencers, including policy makers, regulators, business executives, and other pivotal decision makers. This oversight leaves a huge gap in understanding what leaders actually mean through their verbal remarks, earnings calls, testimony, and speeches in the regulatory, policy, and financial ecosystem.

Josh Resnik, President and Chief Operating Officer, FiscalNote explains their newest tool saying, “StressLens is a game-changing AI agent that redefines the landscape of human behavioral insights.  In today’s market, finding new opportunities can be challenging when everyone is looking at the same ‘alternative’ data. StressLens offers novel insights based on FiscalNote’s trove of data sources, uncovering untapped potential by using AI-powered audio and video ‘fingerprinting’ to examine more than what was said by the world’s leading influencers, but how they said it. This new AI Agent will empower investors, risk managers, government relations executives, and others with a critical ‘edge’ in their decision-making process, and will keep our customers one step ahead in a competitive financial and risk management environment. It’s an exciting new way of seeing, understanding, and navigating a volatile investment, business, policymaking, legal and regulatory system.”

StressLens has created unique unstructured data back to 2006 based on the remarks of key decision makers.  This analysis is based on the unique speech patterns of each speaker and is delivered minutes after an important event.

FiscalNote also recently announced that a leading multi-billion dollar quantitative asset management firm had become the first, anchor customer of StressLens.

Background on FiscalNote

Founded in 2013 in Sunnyvale, California by Timothy Hwang, Gerald Yao and Jonathan Chen, FiscalNote provides software tools, platforms, data services, and news about global legislative, regulatory and government policy developments through the firm’s FiscalNote Government Relationship Management (GRM) service. The firm is headquartered in Washington, DC.

The company’s mission is to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to provide comprehensive and actionable insights into government policy and market landscapes. Through its AI-driven platform, FiscalNote equips decision-makers with deep insights, enabling them to make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and gain a competitive edge. By aggregating and analyzing vast amounts of data related to global policies, regulations, and market trends, FiscalNote empowers clients to confidently manage government policy risk.

Throughout the years, FiscalNote has raised over $625.5 mln and acquired a number of companies in related areas, including MyCandidate, VoterVoice, Shungham, Oxford Analytica,, Curate, Congressional Quarterly, Roll Call, FactSquared, Dragonfly Eye Ltd, and Aicel Technologies, to name a few.

Our Take

FiscalNote’s recent launch of StressLens is the latest AI-based tool the firm has brought to market to provide decision makers with better insights on government policy, enabling them to make better decisions.

The exciting fact about StressLens is that it is AI which continuously learns about the unique verbal and nonverbal patterns of a speaker with each new speech analyzed by the model, thereby improving the tool’s future analysis.  Clearly, the value of StressLens should increase exponentially as it develops more data on these personalized nonverbal clues.

In fact, we would not be surprised to see a growing number of quantitative managers flock to FiscalNote to license its ever increasing database of StressLen’s generated data.  Of course, we suspect that other decision makers will also find StressLens to be a invaluable tool to enhance their understanding of policy makers’ speeches and comments. It will be interesting to see how quickly FiscalNote can gain traction with this new AI tool and dataset.


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