Fleishman Gets 2.5 Years


James Fleishman, a former salesman for Primary Global Research (PGR), was sentenced yesterday to two and a half years in prison.   Separately, Dr. Yves Benhamou, a liver specialist who pleaded guilty to passing clinical trial information relating to a Human Genome Sciences drug,  was sentenced to time served and three years supervised release while forfeiting $52,138 and $5.9 million in restitution.

Fleishman intends to appeal his conviction, which has raised concerns about the validity of mosaic theory.

Fleishman’s sentence passed by Judge Jed Rakoff was less than the seven to nine years requested by prosecutors.  It was also less than the four years given Winifred Jiau, an expert affiliated with PGR convicted of passing inside information about about computer chipmakers Marvell Technology Group Ltd. and Nvidia Corp.  Donald Longueuil, a former portfolio manager at CR Intrinsic Investors LLC an affiliate of SAC Capital who was a recipient of Winifred Jiau’s information, was also sentenced to 30 months in jail.  Raj Rajaratnam was sentenced to 11 years in prison.

Yves Benhamou  a French doctor arrested November 2, 2010, pleaded guilty in April 2011 to passing information about clinical trial of a Human Genome Sciences drug to Joseph “Chip” Skowron of Frontpoint Partners.  Dr. Benhamou served as an adviser on a clinical drug trial.  Benhamou was originally sourced througan expert network , but apparently passed the inside information outside of any expert network.

A total of 16 people affiliated with PGR have been convicted or pleaded guilty to passing inside information.  There are an additional three people involved with other expert networks who have been caught up in investigations.  Go to Who’s Who in the Expert Network Investigations for a complete roster.


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