Fusion GPS – Investigative reporting approach to investment research


Fusion GPS was recently founded by experienced investigative journalists to provide clients with research that goes beyond standard due diligence methods. Through an extensive network of contacts built over years of reporting domestically and internationally, the team at Fusion GPS offers exclusive insights that can add value to investors.

Fusion GPS works on a custom basis. The team, mostly journalists previously at publications such as The Wall Street Journal, offers the capability to uncover unique information through a method compliant with regulations on insider trading and material non-public information. Both the research and the written deliverables follow the highest standards of quality and insightfulness.

Having reported from and lived in different locations globally, the team at Fusion GPS taps into a global network of on-the-ground contacts, including policymakers, media professionals, and government officials, among others. The firm is based in Washington D.C. which also allows the team to access key contacts.

While its coverage is global, Fusion GPS offers singular expertise in Latin America and the Caribbean. Some of the topics the team has successfully covered in the region include: pre-transaction investigations; company and sector analysis; political and security risk assessments; money laundering; and asset recovery. Multi-lingual and on the ground researchers will uncover unique and reliable information for each project.

For more information, please contact Peter Fritsch, Partner at Fusion GPS, at 202-558-7428, or pfritsch@fusionGPS.com



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