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New York—Lusight Research, an alternative research provider specializing in emerging markets, announced that it has received a minority investment from Goldman Sachs and will distribute its services through Hudson Street Services.  Lusight is the seventh firm to announce a relationship with Goldman’s Hudson Street platform, with additional deals pending announcement.

Lusight Research is one of only a handful of research providers specializing in covering emerging markets stocks.  Other emerging markets research providers include Riedel Research Group and Churchill Research.  Lusight is especially attractive to Hudson Street Services because it has build an open platform for its research, delivering not only research reports but the financial inputs, models and analytic tools that are behind the research reports.  Given the difficulties in obtaining consistent emerging markets financial data, Lusight’s data and tools are a powerful draw for emerging markets investors. 

In its minority investments related to Hudson Street, Goldman Sachs has focused on research and analytics providers which are differentiated from its own proprietary ‘fundamental’ equity research.  Investments included analytics providers such as Connotate, a primary research provider providing customizable web search tools; Investars,  a performance measurement firm which offers broker voting and other research management analytics; and Wall Street On Demand, which provides customized financial analytics. 

Other investments made by Goldman are differentiated primarily by the nature of the research.  Asset4 is a data-oriented ESG (environmental social governance) provider and iSupply is an industry research firm specializing in technology.  Medley Global Advisors, which specializes in providing central bank analysis to macro hedge funds, is perhaps closest to Goldman’s own economic research capabilities.  As with Medley, Lusight overlaps with Goldman’s own research offerings despite its differentiators, suggesting that Goldman is getting more comfortable investing in and promoting research similar to its own.

Lusight is a good investment for Goldman.  It has been growing nicely, expanding from its Toronto base to opening offices in London.  It serves an attractive research segment, which is not crowded with direct competitors.  If Goldman is able to help Lusight grow faster, so much the better for both firms.

The press release follows.

Lusight Finalizes Agreement With Goldman Sachs’ Hudson Street Services
Monday September 10, 1:01 am ET

NEW YORK, Sept. 10 /CNW/ — Lusight Research, the leading independent provider of Emerging Markets research to institutional investors, is pleased to announce it has signed an agreement with Goldman, Sachs and Co.’s Hudson Street Services platform.Under the agreement, Hudson Street Services will introduce Lusight’s unique set of products and services, via the Hudson Street Services platform, to Goldman Sachs’ institutional clients.

In a separate agreement, Goldman Sachs has also made a minority investment in Lusight. Lusight will continue to operate as a fully independent firm, majority-owned by its employees. Lusight will continue generating its own proprietary research and servicing all clients directly through its sales force, analyst team, and web-based research portal.

	    About Lusight Research

Lusight is an independent investment research firm, with a focus on Global Emerging Markets.Lusight has taken a unique approach to the production and distribution of investment research by developing a web-based Research Platform that allows clients to access not only their research reports, but also all of the inputs and tools used to produce their final research reports, including company data, interactive financial models with forecasts, and a powerful analytical tool.

Lusight’s coverage universe is client driven and currently consists of over 750 companies across the Emerging Markets.

For more information on Lusight, please visit our website at To contact the firm directly, please contact Paul Warme (paul.warme(at) on +1-416-934-1436 or Paul Sparrow (paul.sparrow(at) on +44-20-7823-9862.

	    About Hudson Street Services

Hudson Street Services, a Goldman Sachs business, offers investment professionals access to a select platform of unique content and tools that can be integrated into their investment process. Collectively, Hudson Street Services offer a more flexible, more efficient way for clients to access critical information and ultimately make better investment decisions.


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