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New York – It has become a rare event to hear growth forecasts these days, but one research provider, covered by Integrity Research, reported just that. China’s domestic wireless phone market is expected to grow in 2009 despite the overall slump in the industry, according to a study recently released by iSupply Corporation.

iSuppli Corporation, a research provider covering the performance of the global electronics chain, released a report titled China Shows Spending Bright Spots Lay Ahead. The report tracks China’s communications electronics for Q4 2008 concluding that China’s domestic wireless phone market will grow by 7 percent in 2009, despite the global decline in the handset industry.

The worldwide handset market will face its first shrinkage in eight years with a drop between 6 to 13 percent, according to news sources covering the space. Even iSupply recently reported that “it is forecast that mobile handset shipment will witness negative shipments in 2009 and will remain flat in 2010.” Consumers are holding on to their old devices and restraining from purchasing gadgets with satellite and web technologies. Consumers who are purchasing new devices are choosing cheaper models over high-tech and expensive ones.

iSupply’s most recent study suggests that China will be the notable exception to the slowdown trend in the handset industry. The report documents how China’s private and public sectors are adopting several measures to promote the market, including the engagement of over 90 million new subscribers in 2009. The report states:

“China’s three wireless operators are attracting customers with reduced service fees and the government is offering up subsidies for those that buy consumer electronics in an effort stimulate purchases.”

Key companies to track include Nokia, Motorola, Apple, RIM, Samsung, Sony Ericsson Mobile communications, LG Electronics. Besides iSupply Corporation, Integrity’s database includes a number of independent research providers following these firms, gathering data, and releasing their forecasts in the handset space.  So if you are looking for an Inspector Gadget, Integrity Research can help.


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