Instinet Announces Exclusive Agreement With Decision Economics


New York – Leading agency broker Instinet announced today its exclusive agreement with Decision Economics Inc., an independent research firm focused on economic and financial markets information. With this move, the agency brokerage firm continues to expand Access, a program launched in 2004 to support selected alternative research providers across institutional investors.

According to a press release by Instinet, “under the terms of the agreement, Instinet will provide sales and marketing services for Decision Economics’ research products to a wide range of institutional clients, including Instinet’s global trading client base of 1,500+ firms.”

In an article posted in this space a few weeks ago, Integrity analyzed how Instinet is expanding its alternative research services in two fronts: increasing the number of exclusive marketing arrangements with alternative research providers, and promoting new boutique firms through a structured platform. The agreement with Decision Economics evidences Instinet’s advances in the first front. 

The exclusive agreement with Decision Economics increases to five (5) the number of alternative research partners in the Access program. The sectors covered so far by these five partners include: automotive & industrial, retail & consumer products, technology & telecommunications, energy, and now economic & financial markets.

Decision Economics was founded in 1996 by Dr. Allen Sinai, former Chief Global Economist for Lehman Brothers. Since its inception the firm has monitored the US and global economies and financial markets tracking relevant factors, events and policies.

Dr. Sinai, founder and President of Decision Economics, was quoted in Instinet’s press release explaining their decision of joining the program: “We chose to work with Instinet because we believe its dedicated research sales group and global trading platform will be important assets in helping us expand our client base into new areas.”

Access is a program where Instinet acts as the exclusive provider of sales and marketing support to participating alternative research providers. The program also provides account coverage, payment facilitation and other services. Since 1969, Instinet has been an electronic trading venue seeking to help institutions lower trading costs and improve investment performance through the use of electronic trading products. Instinet is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nomura Holdings Inc.


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