• China Real Estate – Client was looking for a firm that could conduct “on the ground” due diligence on close to a dozen individual real estate projects that a publicly traded company had invested in that were located in mainland China. Integrity identified and recommended three firms that had experience conducting this type of due diligence.
  • Low Income BRIC Consumers – Client was interested in identifying survey research providers that could assist them in developing and implementing a market research study on consumer demand of low income respondents in the BRIC markets (Brazil, Russia, India, China). Integrity recommended four global vendors who could fulfill the client’s research needs. Client hired one of the recommended vendors and successfully implemented the project.
  • Management Quality – Client was looking for global sources of various data related to corporate management quality. Integrity identified, vetted and recommended three data sources that provide historical databases on the corporate performance, executive compensation packages, and biographies of managers at public corporations.
  • Global Luxury Goods Retail Sales – Client was interested in a high end clothing manufacturer, particularly in their performance in one European country. Integrity highlighted two providers with survey capabilities who had off the shelf research available on the retailer they were interested in.  Integrity also referred 3 industry sources, one a former senior buyer who had worked with the retailer, one a CEO of a competing retailer, and one a Managing Director of another competitor.
  • International Insider Trading Data – Client was looking for a source of “Form 4” data on an international basis. Integrity found five vendors who collected large historical data sets of corporate insider buying and selling. These vendors all focused on different countries of interest to the client.
  • Rare Earth Metals – Client needed more background on rare earth metals mining operations in south east Asia.  Integrity identified four industry consulting firms specializing in the metals and mining sector, which typically do not work with institutional investors.  One firm was based in Sydney, one in Melbourne, one in London, and one in the U.S.  Client chose two of the firms for its project.
  • Heavy equipment manufacturers – Client was looking for sources of insight into the heavy equipment manufacturing industry in order to estimate equipment sales trends and the current economic climate for manufacturers. Integrity recommended two unique independent consultancies with deep and wide-ranging experience of the global heavy equipment industry. Integrity also recommended a data mining company that would help to track global shipments of heavy equipment.

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