Investorside- Members’ Day 2008


Investorside Research Association is a trade association made up of independent research providers.

Their goals are the following:

1. Increase awareness of the financial interests behind investment research

2. Educate investors how they can promote better research alignment with their interests

3. Promote truth in advertising and fair representation of investment research to investors

5. Promote “Best Research Payment Practices”

Next Tuesday, they will address just that at the Investorside Members’ Day 2008 in New York City at the Cornell Club. A few discussions, among the many session topics that will be given are:

The changes are forever: returning confidence after the financial crisis: What has changed, what remains the same, and how secular events are good for both investors and the industry?

Independent Research- What the buyside really needs- A panel discussion with buyside participants on how they value services and research management practices

Playing Big- Doing more with less-leveraging your business– Discussion on the advantages and disadvantages to external resources and outsourcing.

Regulation: Big Changes ahead– A talk on the current financial crisis impact on current and future regulatory initiatives

Registration is still open.


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