ITG’s Announces Strategic Investment in Disclosure Insight


Yesterday, ITG ( Investment Technology Group)  a specialized agency brokerage and financial technology firm announced their strategic investment in Disclosure Insight, an independent research shop that seeks to assess risk at publicly traded companies.

According to the press release ITG will be “the exclusive distribution channel to large institutional investors for Disclosure Insight research.” CEO and president of ITG Bob Gasser stated,  “Our partnership with Disclosure Insight enables us to provide additional value-added content to our clients.”

Disclosure Insight has a  unique research process as they use the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)  to identify companies with undisclosed SEC investigative activity and their dual capabilities in publishing both qualitative in-depth analysis reports as well as BUY/ SELL recommendations based on a proprietary automated screening process. While ITG is  primarily involved in building trading systems for brokers, the firm also has an economic research and market analysis team. The research team provides top-down global economic research, market analysis and financial forecasts. Thus,  Disclosure Insight’s research offerings  will be a great addition to ITG’s services.

Gasser stated,  ” (Disclosure Insight’s) unique research offering bolsters ITG’s commitment to our clients throughout their investment process, from research and decision support to superior execution and post-trade analytics. Their product is consistent with ITG’s historical research focus on providing unique insight grounded in rigorous analysis.”

The full press release can be found here.

About Investment Technology Group (ITG):

Founded in 1987, Investment Technology Group, Inc., (ITG) is a specialized agency brokerage and technology firm with offices in North America, Europe and Asia.  The research team provides top-down global economic research, market analysis and financial forecasts. It communicates its research through a weekly report called Strategic Investment Perspectives, interim reports and commentary on global and economic market conditions, and on-going consultations.

About Disclosure Insight:

Disclosure Insight rates the risk of individual public companies. To do this, the firm uses a labor-intensive process to gather and analyzes data on 100 separate factors over a 5-year period. The end result is a one-page D.I. Report that efficiently summarizes and opines on the risks identified and assigns a rating of Low-, Medium-, or High Risk.  Using a patent-pending methodology it designed, risk is assessed in six major categories including, but not limited to: undisclosed SEC activity; accounting/auditor problems; unusual capital markets events; and, stability of the board and executive suite. In addition, the firm also files 2,500 Freedom of Information Act requests with the SEC each year to identify and alert clients of those companies involved in undisclosed SEC investigations. Founded in 2000, Disclosure Insight was one of the 21 research providers featured in Integrity’s 2009 Forensic Accounting, Earnings Quality, Short Ideas ResearchFocus report.


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