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New York – With events such as Steve Jobs stepping down as Apple’s CEO and GOOGLE buying Motorola Mobility, a careful eye on technology stocks seems prudent.

A number of independent research providers in the technology space can be of interest to investors at this moment. Today we highlight Technology Insights Research, which has been providing value to investors since 2009. Technology Insights combines due diligence, differentiation analysis, material public data collection/analysis, and valuation to produce unique long-term thematic views on tech stocks. The firm not only feeds its financial and industry models with large amounts of public data beyond 10Qs and 10Ks, but also cross-verifies its theses by engaging suppliers, customers, competitors, and channel partners into discussions.

Analyst Nehal Chokshi published a few interesting notes today. As opposed to the typical “analyst’s optimist bias” we noted in our last blog, Chokshi pessimistically writes: “We see significant risk that GDP declines will be deeper on this second dip, propelling a worse case scenario of IT spending down 20% y/y.”

There are some save havens in this picture, says Mr. Chokshi (such as AAPL, ACN & NTAP), and his notes published today outline industry as well as company-specific outlooks.

Some of the products offered by Technology Insights include:

–          Off-Quarter 40+ data point worldwide checks: The firm’s team calls directly an international set of ODMs, OEMs, VARs, SIs, and distributors to develop a proprietary view on the supply chain.

–          Six-to-twelve investment ideas: This product is based on information collected from weekly proprietary company-specific calls among IT industry contacts.

–          High quality maintenance research: Earnings reports with a view of what to do with the stock.

Technology Insights is a member of IRC Securities, a registered broker-dealer which offers its clients independent research through its Research Prime Services Platform. Users of Technology Insights proprietary research can pay via IRC Securities’ trading partners. Besides being a member of a registered entity, Technology Insights observes compliance best practices by expressly prohibiting the facilitation of insider trading and rigorously applying the mosaic theory in their security analysis.  Technology Insights does not conduct any investment banking activities, does not manage any investment funds, and all of its clients are institutional investors.

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