Location Intelligence Data Provider Placer.ai Partners with Exabel


Oslo-based alternative data aggregator and analytics provider, Exabel recently announced a new partnership with location intelligence and foot traffic data provider Placer.ai. This partnership marks the twenty-third such arrangement made between Exabel and various alternative data companies in various industries in the past few years.

Exabel’s Latest Data Partnership

Last week, global alternative data aggregator and analytics provider Exabel, announced that has inked its twenty-third alternative data partnership – this time with location data provider Placer.ai.  Placer.ai’s geolocation dataset is delivered and updated daily to the Exabel platform, providing real-time insights to users with historical data back until 2017 for back testing.

Placer.ai is a major provider in the location data segment, leveraging near real-time foot traffic and visitation insights to help investors make informed investment decisions based on business performance, industry trends, and consumer behavior. Placer.ai harnesses data from millions of mobile devices, integrating it with dozens of complementary data types, including consumer demographics, psychographics, spending patterns, and media consumption, then aggregating that data to generate insights describing individual locations, companies, tickers, and more.

Andreas Aglen, CEO at Exabel commented on this latest partnership saying,“We’re thrilled to welcome Placer.ai to the Exabel platform as our latest data partner. Adding their geolocation dataset to the platform further enhances the breadth of alternative datasets that we’re able to offer investors. If you’re covering Retail, QSRs, Casinos, Real Estate, or any other sector where foot traffic is a fundamental driver of value, Placer is a must-have feature in your data mosaic.”

Our Take

Oslo-based Exabel was founded in 2016 by Per Christian Moan Ph.D and Øyvind Grotmol.   The alternative data aggregator and analytics provider currently offers two main products, including a platform allowing data driven investors to easily combine foundational data, alternative data, and their own data in a collaborative analytics platform, perform data analysis & develop proprietary signals; and, a platform that enables data vendors to offer their clients a white label dashboard which presents their data within Exabel’s value-added presentation, analytics, and financial modeling platform.

The recently announced partnership with Placer.ai is just the latest in a series of arrangements Exabel has reached with twenty-three alternative data providers over the past few years.  A few months ago Exabel reached a similar deal with freight market data provider FreightWaves.  Each new partnership helps strengthens Exabel’s position as a one-stop-shop for alternative data and related analytics for institutional investors.

The Exabel partnership also benefits Placer.ai whose data is high quality, but requires integration with a number of other unique alternative datasets in order to drive the greatest insights and value for users.  Exabel offers many of these datasets eliminating the need for many of Placer.ai’s clients to license and integrate this data themselves.

As the use of alternative data becomes more mainstream for a wide range of investors to generate signals and reduce risk, we suspect that data platforms like Exabel will grow in popularity.  As a result, we expect Exabel will continue adding to its growing list of data partnerships in an effort to meet the expanding appetite for unique and value-added datasets.

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