Maven Research Launches Survey Platform


New York – This week, Maven Research announced the launch of a custom electronic survey product to compliment their primary telephone consultation offering. The aim of this product is to leverage Maven’s existing pool of experts by allowing clients to reach a larger population of experts and receive multiple responses to specific questions.

Some of the primary features of Maven’s surveys include:

  • Flexible survey design: No limits on number of questions that can be asked or expert pool that can be targeted.
  • Targeting: Respondent populations can be easily constrained to those who meet specific screening criteria.
  • Automation: Maven’s technology platform automatically deploys invitations, qualifies potential respondents, records answers, and notifies clients when the survey is complete.
  • Pay-per-response: Maven automatically prices surveys on a per-response basis, allowing clients to tune the length, target population, and desired number of responses to fit their budget. Clients pay only for actual responses received.
  • Speed: Typical turnaround from submission to published results is <48 hours. In addition, clients can watch responses come through in real time via the Maven web interface.

Maven is positioning this survey product as a more flexible and easily accessible alternative to firms who offer “one size fits all” expert surveys.

In addition, given recent compliance concerns about the nature of information transacted during expert consultations, we would expect to see buy-side firms increasingly interested in using surveys as a way of sampling expert opinion without some of the attendant risks of unmonitored one-on-one calls.

For more information about Maven surveys, please contact:

Wyatt A. Nordstrom
Co-Founder & CEO
Maven Research, Inc.


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