New Consumer-Based Research Products for Investors


New York –  Longstanding consumer oriented market research firm America’s Research Group (ARG), has recently released a suite of new research products designed specifically for US asset manager clients.  To develop and support these new services, ARG also added research industry veteran Derek Noce to the team.  ARG’s new products include:

  • The Core American Shopper ™ – Coverage of the essential segments and companies within the consumer-retail sector. Monthly updates and in-depth quarterly research based on 1,000 phone interviews per month, frequent store visits, and monitoring of relevant trends and factors.
  • USA in Motion ™ – Analysis of current consumer spending trends and patterns, based on primary consumer research conducted over the past 20 years, incorporating factors such as credit card debt, unemployment, gas prices, housing conditions, back-to-school/Christmas spending, big ticket spending, product pricing, and demographics, among others.
  • Your Customer’s voice ™ – Customized research studies which are designed, fielded, and analyzed for a particular institutional investment firm. These are proprietary studies with embargoed results, subject to certain conditions. Clients can leverage ARG capabilities to gain perspective on their holdings and investment ideas in terms of shoppers’ purchasing activity, perceptions, reactions, and outlook toward a chain or retail segment.

Founded in 1979 by its current CEO, Brit Beemer, ARG has provided custom market research to clients primarily in the corporate world.  A few years ago ARG started serving the financial services sector by partnering with UBS.  Currently, ARG conducts the Consumer Mindreader™, a bi-monthly survey sponsored by UBS Global Equity Research reaching out to 1,000 US consumers to examine shopping behavior and trends.

After acting for several years as Director at Retail Intelligence Group (RIG), a registered investment advisory firm that utilizes primary research methodologies such as point-of-sale manager surveys and store visits, Derek Noce, has joined America’s Research Group (ARG), a consumer-based research firm to propel  its business among financial institutions.

ARG’s products are strategically positioned to help investors to evaluate their investment decisions, monitor their holdings and plan long-range positions, all within the framework of compliance regulations related to material non-public information. Derek Noce will be the link between the financial realm and ARG’s unique research offering.

Mr. Noce brings to ARG his long standing experience servicing clients in the financial sector and his knowledge of compliance regulations. Mr. Noce has already taken crucial steps to help ARG capture additional market share in that space. Over the last few weeks ARG has taken crucial steps to highlight the value-add its products and services can bring to investors. After Mr. Noce’s arrival ARG has redesigned it website to better address investors needs and questions. It has also adopted a Code of Ethics dealing with the topics of material non-public information and insider trading to protect both clients and ARG. It has also launched products exclusively for institutional investors, including The Core American Shopper ™, USA in Motion ™, and Your Customer’s Voice ™.


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