New IRP Ezine Launches Novel Distribution Channel


A Hong Kong based publisher is launching a new magazine featuring current research from independent research providers, IRP Journal.  The advertising-funded ezine will be digitally distributed to institutional investors for free, serving as a novel distribution mechanism for independent research firms.

Asia ETrading

IRP Journal is the latest venture from the publisher of, a market structure website.  Founder Steve Edge began the venture in 2009 after leaving an electronic execution sales position at Citigroup.  He launched Asia Etrader magazine and the Asia Etrading Forum in 2012 and EU ETrading last year.

IRP Journal

Edge’s interest in IRP Journal was sparked by pending European regulation which will reform the payment mechanism for investment research, potentially increasing buy side demand for independent research.

The initial issue is scheduled to be released in the next week and will feature articles from eight independent research providers, including Absolute Strategy, Management CV, Crossborder Capital and Storm Research.

The ezine will be supported by advertising from agency brokers, trading vendors, index providers, and exchanges.  The plan is to initially publish monthly, moving to twice a month.

Asian Distribution

The initial distribution will be to approximately 1,000 buy side contacts, primarily domiciled in Asia.  The readership is based on the current Asia ETrading readership which is predominantly Hong Kong focused.  Over two-thirds of the initial readership will be in the Asia region.  IRP Journal expects to increase readership in Europe and North America over time.

The website for the new venture is and the twitter account is @irpjournal.  Contact IRP Journal at for further information.

Our Take

IRP represents an innovative new sales channel for independents.  The initial Asian bias is an attraction to European and U.S. IRPs seeking more visibility in Asia Pacific.  The success of the venture will hinge on the willingness of advertisers to participate, but the publisher has been adept at scaling its previous trading-oriented ventures.

The pending European regulatory changes have triggered an avalanche of new research distribution platforms.  By our count there are at least six new platforms that have either been released or are in progress.  IRP Journal takes an innovative approach to the challenge, increasing its chance of ultimate success.


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