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A big thank you to all who completed the readership survey we conducted in January of this year.  ResearchWatch will celebrate its 10-year anniversary later this year, and the feedback from readers is helping us prioritize future improvements.

Reader Profile

Most readers are directly involved with research, either on the sell-side (68%) or the buy-side (15%).  More readers are in a management role (39%), followed by research (35%), sales (16%), trading (3%), commission management (2%) and other (5%).

Nearly half of readers (48%) are with independent research providers, 10% with investment banks, another 10% with agency brokers, 15% are on the buy-side, 5% with market data vendors and 12% with other types of firms.

Three-quarters of readers are U.S. based, with the remainder primarily comprised of readers from the UK (9%), continental Europe (5%), Asia (4%), Canada (2%), Latin America (2%) and rest of world (2%).

Most readers read the blog on Mondays when the weekly summary email is sent.  Readers use a wide variety of news sources, with the most popular being Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and Institutional Investor.


Readers are interested in most varieties of research, but those of most interest are fundamental equity research (18%), industry research (15%) and expert networks (12%).

Readers prefer topics involving general research industry news, acquisitions involving research firms, and commissions related to research payments.


We asked readers for feedback on what they valued about ResearchWatch.  Generally, readers like the consistent coverage of a specific niche, investment research, which is only periodically covered by the broader media.  Readers appreciate that ResearchWatch is relevant to their business, that it has an understanding of research industry dynamics, and they value the commentary (although they don’t always agree with it.)

We also asked for advice on improvements.  Overall, readers would like to see more content more frequently.  Many responders asked for more coverage of the UK, Europe and Asia.  There were excellent suggestions for specific topics, such as people moves, business models, sales and marketing activities, pricing, what buy-siders want, and more.

Some readers feel ResearchWatch has been too negative about the business environment and trends in the industry while others have the view that we hold back in our commentary at times.  All very helpful!

Going forward

The reader input has been tremendously valuable to us and we are taking it all on board.  We have started working on ways to expand the coverage and content of ResearchWatch, without disrupting what readers currently value.

Part of this will involve encouraging readers to contribute ideas, thought pieces and success stories with the broader community of readers.  If you have interest in contributing, let us know.   ResearchWatch can be a forum for a more diverse set of voices besides ours.

We will revert with more specific plans as they congeal.  In the meantime, thanks to our loyal readers for all their great feedback.


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