Research Compliance Accreditation – John Burns Research and Consulting

Accreditation Details  
Research Firm John Burns Research and Consulting
Original Accreditation Date December 21, 2012
Latest Review Completed
June 28, 2024
Accreditation based on Compliance Best Practices for Industry Consulting Firms
Description of Firm’s research process and risks:

John Burns Research and Consulting (JBREC) is an industry consulting firm specializing in residential real estate. The firm analyzes over 300 housing markets across the US and has expertise in evaluating homebuilders. The firm’s client base is comprised primarily of homebuilders, as well as institutional investors and banks. The firm was founded in 2001 by John Burns, who brought his consulting experience from KPMG and The Meyers Group. The firm has approximately 149 employees located in 6 U.S. locations.  JBREC’s research includes analysis of economic factors primarily derived from US government data, other public housing industry data, as well as proprietary data collected from regular consumer surveys and  surveys of residential communities across the country. The three most important areas for JBREC’s information control procedures are information received by their analysts from their consulting division (which obtains both confidential and MNPI from public and private company managements); information received from public housing company employees as part of JBREC’s regular residential community surveys; and information received from private equity and other institutional investor clients.

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Best Practices Detail Best Practices for Industry Consulting Firms
Lead Analyst Michael Mayhew;; 646.786.6859
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