Research on China on the rise – bubble or not


Bubble or not, China has been a hot topic of research in the last few years. This growing economy has sparked investors’ interest and, friends or foes of China’s promise for sustained growth, their demand for research on this economy has been robust. Regardless of the country’s growth continues or wines, we expect to see a persistent appetite for research coverage on China and Integrity Research is uniquely positioned to direct investors to unique sources of research on this emerging economy.

Integrity Research’s database includes over 800 research firms with different research capabilities on China. Out of these, roughly 700 firms are independent research providers with the rest being investment banks. The independent research providers in our database offer a myriad of research methodologies including primary research; fundamental research; investment strategy; industry expertise; data mining; ESG; economic research; and forensic accounting; among many others.

To illustrate how Integrity can support investors interested in China, let us examine a topic of potential appeal to investors: the Communist Party’s recent announcement that over the course of 2011 China will invest US$ 106 billion in building 70 new intercity railways, and an additional US$ 450 billion in high-speed rail network between 2011 and 2015. The railway network is projected to serve more than 90 percent of the Chinese population by 2020, which means that in less than a decade, close to 1 billion people in China will have access to regions that are currently isolated, allowing them to increase their current levels of spending and production.

For this project, Integrity Research would identify and scrutinize best in class research providers covering industries such as transportation, real estate, consumer, energy, financials, and materials. Furthermore, Integrity would make sure that the research deliverables adequately fit the client’s needs: written reports, raw data, and consultations are just some of the products we identify for our clients.

It is well known that conducting research in China presents obstacles not found in any other region of the world. An example of this is the researcher who was sentenced to eight years in jail  for purchasing data on Chinese oil wells. Furthermore, the quality of research is not consistent given the specific conditions researchers face in China. Investors interested in coverage on China should not settle for anything less than the best research available for their specific projects. There is where Integrity can help.


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