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New York –Having added 488 firms in 2009, Integrity’s ResearchSelect database of financial services research providers now stands at 1325 providers globally. Additionally, there are over 1500 firms that are in the process of being added by Integrity’s data team.

The ResearchSelect Process

Integrity prides itself on being able to uncover the value proposition of research providers which will help clients source the right research for every investment thesis. The ResearchSelect database is an integral part of this sourcing process and is the backbone of Integrity’s capabilities in finding the right research for the right purpose. In every case, the research provider is reviewed by a minimum of 2 individuals prior to its release into the public domain. In many cases, an analyst and/or database professional will have direct dialogue with the research provider to ensure that they know the process, the value add, and the “special sauce’ of the research provider.

For all firms in the public domain, a data “scrub” is conducted a minimum of once per year to ensure that all data is relevant and up to date. This “scrub” includes reaching out to the provider to verify its data, contact information, analysts, products and services, and any other material changes that need to be included in the company profiles in the database. While technology exists which allows research firms to update their own data, Integrity prefers to categorize the research provider by its proprietary taxonomy so that like firms end up categorized in the same categories. Once the “scrub” is completed, an analytical review is conducted before the update is released to the database.

Slicing and Dicing

In terms of research methodology, the firms added in 2009 firms were 31.6% fundamental, 28.7% quantitative, 19.2% economic, 17.2% Primary and 3.3% technical.

Of the 488 firms added, 255 (52%) are based in North America, 162 (33%) are based in Europe, 62 (13%) are based in Asia Pacific, with an addition 9 (2%) firms in emerging (non- Asia) research.

One of the hottest areas in the research business continues to be the primary research area, where downstream data and information is analyzed as part of the investment research process. According to Integrity’s taxonomy, primary research is comprised of 6 main categories, including access to management services, channel checking, data mining, expert networks, investigative and survey services. In the primary research area, the largest growth in the ResearchSelect database was in the surveys area, which accounted for about 67% of the growth in the primary research area.

Many of the added firms were not explicitly in the research game, but were directly applicable to the information gathering and analysis required to make intelligent investment decisions.  Some of the main non-research providers include, analytic software–up 18 firms, consulting/advisory services—up 39 firms, data providers—up 37 firms, and news and commentary—up 11 firms.

Integrity is committed to the growth of its ResearchSelect database as a key component of its ability to service its client base effectively and efficiently.


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