ResearchWave Launches New Research Aggregation Platform


New York, NY –  According to a recent company press release, New York-based research technology provider, ResearchWave today announced the release of its new research aggregation platform developed for analysts and money managers at mutual funds, hedge funds, and pension funds.

The new ResearchWave “Marketplace” service differentiates itself from other systems like Reuters Multex, JayWalk, Investars’ Insight, etc. by learning a user’s preferences and recommending similar types of research based on specific analyst or research provider; security types; sectors; countries and regions; research approaches and methodologies; recommendation sentiments; companies; indexes; commodities and exchanges.

Another major differentiator of the ResearchWave “Marketplace” service is that it is one of the few (perhaps only) multi-broker research distribution platform in existence today.  Utlimately, this means that a ResearchWave client can purchase research on the system and pay for using any of a large number of affiliated brokers.  Currently, ResearchWave has relationships with over 20 brokers who will pay for the research purchased over the ResearchWave system.

A related feature of the ResearchWave “Marketplace” is that it provides a sophisticated payment system that enables clients to pay for research with hard dollars, soft dollars, or even commission sharing arrangements through specified brokers.  Buy-side firms can also manage their users’ subscription on a firm-wide basis through the system. Similarly, sell-side firms can send free trial coupons and allocate soft-dollar credits to their clients.

Investors can subscribe to the ResearchWave service on an individual basis or an enterprise basis.  We have included the full text of the Press Release below.


ResearchWave Launches New Intelligent Research Management Service For Institutions

ResearchWave LLC announces the launch of its web-based marketplace for independent research. Utilizing proprietary technology, ResearchWave logically recommends relevant research to its client-base of institutional investors.

For Immediate Release

NEW YORK, N.Y./EWORLDWIRE/Jan. 29, 2007 — ResearchWave is proud to announce the opening of its financial research marketplace specializing in independent research for institutional investors. This service provides access to a broad and deep selection of quality independent research reports, market commentary, subscriptions and consultancy services. ResearchWave’s system recommends relevant research to its end-users while also helping institutions to organize their research and manage their billing.

Using proprietary technologies, analyses how each user reacts to the research they are shown. The system then employs statistical relational learning to tailor itself to each user’s preferences regarding analysts and firms; security types; sectors; countries and regions; research approaches and methodologies; recommendation sentiments; companies; indexes; commodities and exchanges. ResearchWave offers tools like MyResearchWave, Login Manager, Portfolio Monitor, custom search requests and WaveRatings to help clients to keep their research organized and easily accessible.

Further distinguishing ResearchWave’s service is the comprehensive payment system. Order processing and fulfillment operations are streamlined into one central location, with transactions being recorded and tracked in real-time. ResearchWave’s clients can pay for research with cash (hard dollars), commission arrangements (soft dollars) or CSA’s (commission sharing arrangements). Subscription allocations are easy to manage within buy-side firms. Similarly, sell-side dealer desks can send free trial coupons and allocate soft-dollar credits to their clients.

Moreover, ResearchWave offers independent research providers a marketing and distribution platform to deliver research to institutional investors. is a secure platform that allows the research provider control over content delivery and pricing, while ResearchWave staff handles invoicing and collections.

“ResearchWave understands my business needs and lets me focus on providing top-notch research while it takes care of the marketing and back office stuff like subscriptions and administration. The company is a team of pros that are easy to work with,” says H.K. ‘Bart’ Bartholomew, CEO of Bartholomew Research.

Institutions can access credible and compliant research using ResearchWave as a primary source of research or as a complement to in-house and/or broker dealer research. ResearchWave provides financial professionals with convenience, selection, and a customized solution for their research needs. For more information about ResearchWave visit ‘

About ResearchWave

ResearchWave, LLC was incorporated in Delaware in June of 2006, and has offices located in New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. ResearchWave is an independent firm and is not affiliated with any broker dealer or investment advisor. ResearchWave monitors activities at the SEC, NASD, FSA and CSA for compliance with the rules and regulations regarding the distribution of financial research. ResearchWave aggressively defends licensing rights of intellectual property and fights the illegal distribution of research products.

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