Revelio Labs Launches Screener to Analyze Workforce Data


New York City based provider of labor force data and analytics, Revelio Labs, has recently launched a screener to enable clients to better analyze and filter the company’s universal workforce database.

Revelio Lab’s Recent Launch

Founded in 2018, Revelio Labs is a workforce intelligence company.  The firm absorbs, extracts, and standardizes data from millions of public employment records to create the world’s first universal HR database.  Customers including investors, corporate strategists, HR teams and governments use Revelio Labs’ data and analytic tools to better understand the workforce dynamics of specific companies and their peers.

While Revelio Labs has provided its data via a dashboard for some time, the firm recently added a screener tool to enable clients to analyze this data in a more granular fashion.  As you can see from the following graphic, using the screener, users can quickly query the database to identify all companies with more than 5,000 employees that have seen a growth rate in the number of engineers hired over the past year of more than 25%.

Or they can easily identify companies of a similar size that have seen the number of salespeople they employ drop by more than 10% over the past year.

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Yedidtya Gorsetman commented on the launch of its screener tool saying, “The screener was launched as a way of easily identifying companies that were either achieving major growth milestones — such as the growth of sales teams, engineers, etc — or who were seeing significant reductions to their talent.  Either of those trends are highly significant to investors or competitors in a given industry. Over the pandemic, we’ve also seen tremendous interest in tracking the hiring and attrition rates of scientists leaving pharmaceutical companies, especially scientists with skills in vaccines. The screener was designed to make this kind of analysis easy and quick.  We’ve also got a couple of interesting new tools in the pipeline, which are a little too early to discuss.  But like the screener, everything we’re working on at Revelio Labs is designed to make the analysis of workforce easier and faster.”

The following is a brief profile on Revelio Labs, its product offering, target market, and where the firm is planning to take the business.

Profile on Revelio Labs

Provide general background on your firm.  When were you founded, who founded the firm, and what was the primary business problem you were trying to solve?

Revelio Labs (RL) was founded in 2018 by Ben Zweig and Yedidya Gorsetman.  The founders felt that if they could solve the problem of helping companies better understand their own workforces in a granular way, as well as the workforces of their competitors, they could create a meaningful business. 

RL provides workforce intelligence. They absorb and standardize hundreds of millions of public employment records to create the world’s first universal HR database, allowing clients to see current workforce composition and trends of any company. RL’s customers include investors, corporate strategists, HR teams, and governments.

What type of data, services and related technology does your firm provide?  Outline the unique data elements an asset manager can receive from you that are not generally available from others?

RL has built the tools that are needed to understand the workforce of every company.  By ingesting hundreds of millions public documents and leveraging state of the art artificial intelligence, the firm has created a universal HR database covering more than 600 mln unique job positions,  at 1 million public and private companies, from more than 200 countries.  In addition, RL has created a standard structure to unify occupations and job titles, skills and activities, and companies and other organizations.   This data comes from three main public sources, including:

  • Companies themselves including job postings, etc.
  • Individual Employees, including various resume databases, LinkedIn, and other professional sites that include employee bios, etc.
  • Government labor related data

RL’s team of data scientists use the latest methods in statistical research to remove sampling bias, and anticipate lags in reporting to create a comprehensive and current understanding of workforce dynamics.  RL’s workforce data provides insight on company composition, hiring and attrition trends, geographic composition, career transitions, gender, and ethnicity. 

How much history can a client obtain from you?  How frequently is this data updated?

RL provides data from 2008 to present, updated monthly.

Describe at least one “case study” of where your firm’s data, services or technology has proven to be valuable to investors.

In September 2018, Novartis announced they were laying off 20% of their workforce as part of a global restructuring to refocus the company on higher value drugs including gene therapies.  Management claimed they were not planning to eliminate scientists as part of this rationalization.  However, actual labor force data showed that scientists left Novartis at a significantly higher rate than at any of their competitors.

Who is your firm’s target market in the financial services vertical?

Within the financial sector, we mostly work with hedge funds and PE firms.  However, RL also serves corporate clients looking to better understand their workforce and the workforces of their peers, as well as government clients.

Who are some of your firm’s chief data competitors in the financial services market?

LinkUp, Thinknum, and  Burning Glass are RL’s chief competitors.

What makes your firm different from other firms providing similar types of data, services, & technology?

No other company is able to see real-time and/or historical workforce dynamics at a position level.  RK is also cheaper, more accurate, and completely automated.  All of RL’s competitors offer broad views, not granular, current, or historical snapshots of company composition and trends.

Who are a few cornerstone clients in the financial services market that use you?  How do they generally use your platform?

RL’s client list is confidential, however we work with mostly large hedge funds and PE firms. They use our platform to better track their investments.  RL’s current client base is primarily from the financial services vertical, though they also serve some corporate and government users.  The firm expects that in the future, corporate users will be bulk of theirbusiness in the future.

What is your firm’s commercial model?  What is the price range for your service?

For access to RL’s curated data and analytics, they offer subscriptions and one-off deliveries, depending on client needs. The price range is currently $85k to $120k for an annual subscription.

What are a few of your firm’s next major targets/milestones?

RL’s goals are to expand their sources of data and grow their data science team to develop even more predictive tools.

What are a few interesting facts about your firm?

  • In the past four months, RL has doubled their customer base.
  • In the past year RL has grown their team by 500%.
  • RL has launched a full self-service dashboard to more easily track company performance.
  • RL has built out a customer service team of PhD data scientists to respond to client requests around the data to make sure all clients are getting the best use of the data.
  • Contact information

For more information about Revelio Labs, please contact:

Yedidya Gorsetman, COO


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