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New York – Nouriel Roubini, a NYU economist credited with correctly predicting the latest financial crisis, has expanded his independent research firm, Roubini Global Economics (RGE), in the wake of his success.  The announcement yesterday of three new investment strategists brings the firm to 29 analysts and economists.  Roubini is building a competitor to more established strategy firms, such as ISI, Empirical Research Partners, BCA and Ned Davis Research.

Last November, RGE hired Arnab Das, the former head of emerging markets strategy at Dresdner Kleinwort in London to build a market research and strategy group for RGE.  The goal was to provide recommendations on asset classes and to also begin to provide coverage on “systematically important” companies such as banks and utilities.  The stated goal was to hire additional staff to grow the group from 3 people to 20.

Yesterday, RGE announced the hiring of investment strategists covering fixed income, equity and asset allocation, and emerging markets.  Two of the new strategists have buy-side backgrounds.  Gina Sanchez, the equity strategist, was an asset manager at California Endowment and the Ford Foundation, and Natalia Gurushina was a strategist at Pantera Capital Management, a global macro hedge fund.

Yesterday’s hires bring RGE’s staff to 29 analysts and economists, divided between the firm’s New York and London offices.

RGE is following in the footsteps of other investment strategy firms, such as Ned Davis Research and ISI, which have built on the success of their founders.  Ned Davis Research has around 35 analysts and 80 employees.

Arnab Das has stated that RGE aims to have “unrivaled access to policy makers”, suggesting a desire to emulate Medley Global Advisors, which specializes in gathering policy intelligence from central banks and other sources.  Medley was recently purchased by the Financial Times.

The full press release from RGE follows:

Roubini Global Economics Expands Market Research and Strategy Team

NEW YORK and LONDON, March 15 /PRNewswire/ — Roubini Global Economics (RGE) announced today that it has made major appointments to its Market Research and Strategy Team. Gina Sanchez has joined the firm as a Director, Equity and Asset Allocation Strategy, Natalia Gurushina has joined as Director, Emerging Markets Strategy and Arun Motianey has been hired as Director, Fixed Income Strategy. These three senior strategists are based in the United States. Jennifer Kapila has joined as Financial Institutions Analyst, based in London, in the United Kingdom. All will work closely with Arnab Das, Managing Director of Market Research and Strategy based in London and New York, and will contribute along with strategists soon to be recruited to give RGE clients expert advice in asset allocation across and within the major asset classes.

“Gina, Natalia and Arun are all outstanding strategists who consistently rate at the top of their field. Jennifer is an incisive financial institutions analyst who is already cutting to the heart of the major challenges in our global banking industry.  Their guidance will prove to be of immeasurable benefit to our clients,” said RGE Chairman Dr. Nouriel Roubini. “With their addition, we’re confident that our market research and strategy team is among the strongest in the industry.”

Before coming to Roubini Global Economics as a Global Equity and Asset Allocation Strategist, Gina Sanchez spent four years as an institutional asset manager, serving at the California Endowment, a $3 billion Los Angeles based foundation, as Managing Director of Public Investments and at the Ford Foundation, a $10 billion New York based foundation, as Director of Public Investments.  In both roles, she was responsible for making asset allocation and manager selection recommendations for all external public managers, including both total return and absolute return strategies.  In addition, Ms. Sanchez was a portfolio manager and strategist for eight years at American Century Investment Management in Mountain View, CA.  In 2009, Ms. Sanchez received the Institutional Investor Rising Stars of Foundations and Endowments award.  She received her A.B. in economics from Harvard University and an MS in international economic policy from Stanford University.

Prior to joining Roubini Global Economics, Natalia Gurushina worked for Pantera Capital Management, a global macro hedge fund, where she developed investment strategies for both emerging and developed European markets. Prior to that, Natalia was in charge of macroeconomic research for select economies in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Russia at Deutsche Bank and Bankers Trust. Before joining the private sector, Natalia analyzed economic and political developments in Russia and the former Soviet Union for the Open Society Institute in Prague. Natalia has a Ph.D. in economic history from the University of Oxford, Christ Church, and a bachelor’s degree in economics from Moscow State University.

Arun Motianey joins Roubini Global Economics as Senior Fixed Income Strategist after twenty years at Citi. His last position was in that firm’s Global Wealth Management division where he was managing director and head of macro research and strategy and a voting member of its Global Investment Committee as well as its Asset-Liability Committee. His career at Citi covered the full range of staff and business-line research positions, including several years in the emerging markets business. He did his Ph.D. research in the University of Cambridge’s Joint Program in Mathematics and Economics, including a year as a Graduate Fellow at Princeton University. Arun is also the author of SuperCycles: The New Economic Force Transforming Global Markets and Investment Strategy (McGraw-Hill).

Jennifer Kapila comes to RGE after several years as a European banks analyst at Dresdner Kleinwort in London. She holds a joint master’s degree from the University College of London and the School of Oriental and African Studies, and a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Texas at Austin with a concentration in Latin American studies. She participated actively in the Dresdner research teams that scored repeated #1 and top 3 rankings in European credit research.

“I’m delighted that people of Gina, Arun, Natalia, and Jennifer’s caliber, qualifications and skills, have joined the Global Macro and Markets team,” said Arnab Das, Managing Director of Roubini Global Economics’ Market Research and Strategy team. “We’re now building an even stronger force in independent research and advice for our clients. They will be great colleagues to work with. Their strong experience in their specialties and in asset allocation and selection will enable us to pull together a holistic market view of the world and complement what is already probably the most complete macro view available.”

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Roubini Global Economics is an independent, global economic research and advisory firm.  Led by New York University Economist Nouriel Roubini, Roubini Global Economics was founded in 2004 by a prestigious team of economic and political experts. Today, thousands of senior managers at first-tier public and private financial institutions rely on Roubini Global Economics’ insights. Clients include prominent asset managers, hedge funds, commercial banks, investment banks, policy organizations and universities. Thanks to its innovative content and services, the firm’s website has been named one of the world’s best economics websites by BusinessWeek, The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal.


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