Roubini Launches Free Blog


Roubini Global Economics, a leading macroeconomic research provider, announced the formation of EconoMonitor LLC, a new joint venture between Roubini Global Economics and Ashmore Media Group.

In August 2015, EconoMonitor LLC will be relaunching the EconoMonitor blog, free commentary on economic, financial, and geopolitical developments around the world. is owned and operated by Roubini Global Economics, but is separate from the Roubini services provided to paying subscribers, including subscribing organizations. Ashmore Media is a graphics shop which designed the new website.

The new business will be managed by CEO Norman Wetmore and Editor-in-Chief Ash Bennington, in partnership with Roubini Global Economics. Wetmore was previously a Managing Director at BB&T Capital Markets. Bennington was previously an editor at Roubini Global Economics.

Our Take

Why would Roubini want to launch an economics blog? Its not as if Roubini himself is a shrinking violet.  His media presence is already formidable.  While the blog will help grow mind share, that doesn’t seem to be a problem for the firm.

Perhaps the goal is to cultivate retail readership and ultimately add premium content to the blog over time, taking a page from Mauldin Economics which has masterfully cultivated a strong retail business.  The ultimate end would be create retail oriented subscription product differentiated from the core Roubini brand.


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