SEC Insight Releases New Risk Rating Product


New York – SEC Insight, a provider of analysis on SEC enforcement activity, recently launched a new product called Disclosure Insight, which includes risk ratings and analysis on a range of unique risk factors. The firm monitors and collects data on risk factors that fall into the following categories: SEC activity risk, auditor/accounting risk, executive suite risk, Board-related risk, capital markets risk, and non-SEC activity risk. In total, the firm assesses a total of 100 risk factors, and provides both quantitative ratings and qualitative analysis on the companies covered.

The new Disclosure Insight service includes research reports on individual companies, as well as alerts and watch lists. Information on this service, including sample reports that list the risk factors monitored via the service, is available on the firm’s new website ( The website includes an interesting discussion of the nature and significance of SEC enforcement activity.

SEC Insight’s traditional expertise has been in using open record laws like the Freedom of Information Act to identify signs of burgeoning SEC investigative and enforcement activity. The firm was founded on the belief that SEC investigative and enforcement activity can represent a significant undisclosed risk to investors. SEC proceedings can have serious consequences for public companies. They can lead to significant fines and accounting restatements. They can also lead to the expulsion of key officers and directors from a company’s management ranks.

Integrity Research is constantly monitoring the investment research industry to identify new sources of research, data and investment ideas. We will be interested to see how the new Disclosure Insight product develops, especially if the data collected by the Disclosure Insight service winds up having predictive power.


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