For Investors

Alpha is not static, nor are the sources that generate it. Investment research has changed dramatically over the last decade, as institutional investors rely less on traditional research. At the same time, thousands of new research avenues have opened up, offering innovative ways to generate investment ideas, test hypotheses, and monitor portfolio holdings.

Integrity Research is uniquely positioned to guide investors to new alpha-generating research. We track over 4,000 global research and data providers, with particular emphasis on obscure, hard-to-find research sources.  Integrity ResearchSelect®

Research is transforming, evolving quickly with new entrants, new regulations, and new research technologies. Our curated news and commentary is the only dedicated media source focused solely on the investment research industry. ResearchWatch

With rewards come risks, and investors must ensure that external research does not create franchise risk. Our compliance services provide transparency on the compliance practices of external research firms. ResearchCompliance

As one of the few firms monitoring the investment research industry, we periodically conduct special studies and surveys on emerging trends. ResearchFocus® Studies

As commission volumes shrink, asset managers are increasingly challenged to ensure that they are getting maximum value for their research spending.  We provide consulting on commission management topics.  Strategic Consulting