This Integrity ResearchFocus® report, based on a survey of 301 hedge fund and long only investors in Europe and North America, including 120 users of expert network systems, is designed to help users identify and evaluate the best expert network providers.  Expert networks, which provide users with access to industry experts, are one of the most heavily used forms of primary research. Reflecting the increased popularity of expert networks as a research tool, the number of expert networks has exploded from a handful a few years ago to thirty-eight firms today. Expert networks now specialize in specific industry segments and in geographies such as Europe or China. New entrants are also bringing new technologies and new business models into the mix.

This 138-page ResearchFocus ® report includes with an overview of the expert network segment, a review of expert networks’ compliance programs, comparative analysis of the different expert networks the 2009 Top Picks for Expert Networks, and an analysis of the future of the expert network industry. Profiles of each of the 38 expert networks identified in the review are included in the final section.
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