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New York – While not a new player in the field, Solaron is an ESG research provider. Within the ESG discipline, Solaron keys on sustainability and the emerging markets. The firm observes that the emerging markets represents some challenges to the collection and interpretation of ESG data, since the emerging market economies may have differing operating contexts than developed countries. To that end Solaron has developed a ratings model to capture information in the emerging markets.

Solaron has a total of 41 analysts, based in the markets they are researching. As a result, the firm collects the data, benchmarks it to other economies/markets and provides research.  The firm currently covers Eastern Europe, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Central and South America and is building its capability in China and Africa. Clearly, these countries have varied data sets, data quality and controls, especially in relation to the kinds of information that are available from developed countries.

Solaron is actively seeking to partner with users of emerging market ESG data as well as other ESG data and research providers to enhance their product offerings.  In addition, the firm provides bespoke research services for clients.  Until the end of 2009, Solaron had been working exclusively for Innovest Group, which is now part of the Riskmetrics Group.


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