Southridge Opens Research Shop


New York – Ridgefield Connecticut-based Southridge Investment Group announced today that they had rolled out an experienced equity research team to add value to South ridge’s Securities business.  Southridge Research Group will be managed as a separate LLC to maintain the independence of the research product.

The research is a traditional deep-dive fundamental service supplemented by channel checks and industry expertise of the covering analysts. Southridge Investment Group is a diversified financial institution featuring investment banking and wealth management services.  The senior analysts at the firm are relatively well, know and have extensive experience in the investment research arena.

The director of the research group is Jack Murphy, who has experience as a generalist as well as experience with derivatives and arbitrage techniques.  The DOR is Richard Nelson, a seasoned sell-side analyst.  Rounding out the team are Robert Colby, Chief technical Analyst; Rick Black, Telecoms; Bonnie Herzog, consumer research; Katie Kolchin, consumer goods; and Neil Chokshi, Technology.

In the fund management area, Southridge also has a capability in the Stat-arb business, via the Double Alpha Group LLC.


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