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New York – The latest ponzi scheme melt-down of consequence has been the Stanford Financial Group, which has been indicted by the SEC on Fraud charges and has been declared insolvent. Additionally, The FBI has arrested Stanford Financial Group CFO Laura Pendergest-Holt for obstruction of justice. Our interest in this case, apart for the inability to turn away from watching a train crash, is in the Stanford Washington Research Group’s demise and what it may mean for policy research.

We learned yesterday that the research business at Stanford Financial has been shuttered, leaving over thirty top level analysts out of work. The research team was seen as one of the bright lights of policy research, even though Stanford Group was also a constant lobbying force on the Hill. So what lies ahead for policy research?

Good question–and one which Integrity is gearing up to tackle through its ResearchFocus product. The report is expected to be completed early this summer. The review will include detailed analysis of the capabilities of each policy research firms as seen through the eyes of our buy-side survey. The results of this survey will be assessed in the report.

Having survived economic cycles, we at Integrity note that when times are really good, investment research consumers barely consider policy issues. However, when times are rough, there is a lot more focus on the basics of the economy, asset allocation and policy decisions and how they may affect economic and financial outcomes. As such, we have little concern that the 34 displaced analysts at Stanford Washington Research will have any trouble finding work in the current environment.

We have listed some of the firms in our research provider database that have capability in policy research within certain regions.


Number of Providers

Asia Pacific (exclusively)


Emerging Markets (exclusively)


Europe (exclusively)




Middle East


North America, Europe


United States



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