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New York – Earlier this week Strategas Research Partners, LLC announced that they will be expanding their research capabilities with the addition of two new employees.  The employees, Frank J. Francese and Tom Tzitzouris, will head Strategas’ Corporate Services department and Fixed Income Strategy  groups respectively.

About the new Hires and their services

Frank J. Francese has been on Wall St. for 25 years working previously to establish the Executive Access Services at Standard & Poors.   Mr. Francese’s department will “seek to fill the void left by many now-defunct economics departments at major corporations by providing real-time economic and policy advice to C-suite executives in a period of greater economic cyclicality.”  They will also set up meetings between corporate managers and Strategas’ institutional client base, a service more traditionally termed management access.

Tom Tzitouris previously worked as a senior analyst at Fannie Mae, leading Fannie’s independent debt valuation team and has also previously worked at Freddie Mac as a debt and derivatives analyst.  Mr. Tzitouris plans to publish reports and visit with clients regularly, bringing a quantitative viewpoint to Strategas in this regard.  Strategas believes that the current environment will “be a turbulent and important time for the fixed income markets.”

What it means for Strategas

Ever since Jason Trennert and his partners left ISI in 2006 to form Strategas, they have followed a similar track to that followed by Ed Hyman in continuously expanding their research offerings to include new areas and services.  Since its beginnings as an Investment Strategy research provider, Strategas has expanded to include policy research offerings under Daniel Clifton and to become a Broker/Dealer  and build a small agency trading desk.

Indeed, Jason Trennert, the managing Partner and Chief Investment Strategist at the firm spells out this strategy saying, “We are striving to be a one-stop shop for institutional investors seeking top-flight macro-oriented investment research.”

The strategy seems to be working for Strategas who found themselves with two II-ranked analysts in both 2010 and 2009. What’s more is that Strategas continues to expand in what has otherwise been a fairly tough market for the independent research industry in general; a promising sign indeed.


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