Taxonomy can be Taxing


New York – In a recent meetings with clients we have come across a new brand of management position, that of Manager of Taxonomy.  In our world, this position is responsible for putting names to the various methodological approaches that research providers use to analyze markets.  Indeed, a solid amount of time was originally needed at Integrity to consistently categorize research approaches.

One constant theme in this debate was whether methodology should be categorized according to mathematical approach, databases used, finance theory variant, etc., or whether it should be based on what the client thought the methodology was.

Of course, the main discourse revolved around the specialized research category. For your illumination, we attached our definitions of specialized research methodologies which can be found in the Integrity Research database.

Behavioral Finance

Behavioral Finance applies scientific research on human and social cognitive and emotional biases to better understand economic decisions and how they affect market prices and returns. Sometimes this is called Psychometrics.


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