The 451 Geeks Just Got Geekier


New York – Last week, The 451 Group announced its acquisition of The Uptime Institute. The 451 Group has been gradually rolling up key elements in the IT research and analysis space over the past several years, with the acquisition of Tier 1 Research in 2005 and the Uptime Institute in 2009.

 The goal of The 451 Group with this acquisition is to increases its reach into the guts of datacenter analysis. The Uptime Institute is the main trade group that does certifications for data center professionals as well as rating data centers around the world with its Tier Program.

 The 451 in the name refers to the temperature (Fahrenheit) at which paper burns. According to the firm, the reference is to the Ray Bradbury book “Fahrenheit 451” where the ruling class is attempting to burn books to censor free though and open dialogue. The 451 Group indicates that they see their role as supportive to shedding light on the IT industry through timely and informed analytic content.  Of course, with the acquisition of The Uptime Institute, it may also refer to the fact that paper is being rendered less and less relevant by databases and datacenter technologies.

 The 451 Group has three main client segments, the manufacturers and distributors of the products and technologies, the organizations that use these products and services and the financial services industry segments that invest, incubate and potentially take public emerging technology companies. 

 Last year, The 451 Group entered into a marketing arrangement with Merrill Lynch’s Open Minds platform. This has enabled the firm to connect with more financial services firms and to grow services that have direct implications for the private equity and investment banking world. The two areas where The 451 Group’s services touch the bankers are through their TechDealmaker service and their M&A Knowledgebase.

 The following link is to the PR Web press release.


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