The greatest wealth is health (Virgil)


New York – Healthcare is a space that offers a wealth of opportunities to investors. Goods and services targeted at preserving and/or restoring the health of individuals are constantly being developed in every specialty. The independent research space includes a large variety of firms offering interesting data and information to investors.

Surgeons, dentists, physical therapists, hospitals, laboratories and clinics are a few of the sources of information that are being creatively explored by indies in order to offer value to investors. Research methods ranging from panels of healthcare practitioners, to partnerships with healthcare institutions in order to collect non-public data, are among the research products investors are utilizing to these days.

Integrity’s database includes a total of 548 independent research firms offering different levels of coverage of the healthcare space (493 are generalists with capabilities in healthcare; 55 are specialists focusing exclusively on healthcare segments).

A couple examples of well-known generalists with capabilities in healthcare include Farmhouse Equity Research, Gerson Lehrman Group, and Riedel Research Group. These three firms can cover the healthcare industry and address clients’ specific needs, but none of them are specialists dedicating 100% of their resources to the healthcare space.

Examples of healthcare specialist firms include BioTech Stock Research or Cooper Research. The level of specialization of these firms can go down to covering one specific sub-segment within healthcare. BioTrends Research Group, for example, concentrates on 5 practice areas, while MDRxFinancial concentrates on pharma and medical devices.

The firms covering the healthcare industry (both generalists and specialists) offer a variety of research methods such as market research, fundamental research, quantitative research, technical analysis, channel checking, and expert networks, among others.

Although some firms in the healthcare space have abandoned their efforts to cater to financial services clients to dedicate solely to service the industry (e.g. Sermo), others keep breaking into the space with interesting value propositions to investors (e.g. T-RX Advisers LLC). Investors can benefit enormously from the competition in this space of the research industry, and obtain creative and unique sources of information for their analyses.


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