Top ResearchWatch Stories for 2018


2018 was an eventful year for the investment research industry, as reflected in our most-read articles during the year.

MiFID II’s ambitious reforms were an enduring topic.  Our analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of MiFID II’s research unbundling provisions was the most widely read article of the year.    Also popular were:

Even more influential – in the US at least – has been the rise of alternative data and artificial intelligence.  Widely-read articles on the topic included:

Other research trends we followed were also popular, including:

For 2019, the MiFID II focus will shift to the US as we expect some major asset managers to follow MFS’s approach to reimbursing research costs for US clients and the SEC contemplates whether to ease regulatory restrictions on US brokers accepting cash payments for research.  Consolidation among alternative data vendors will continue as brokers and major market data players increase their presence.  A widely expected bear market in stocks will have significant ramifications, forcing restructuring of many research offerings.


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