U.S. Enterprise Software Spending Plans Slows


New York, NY – According to a report published last week by primary research provider, ChangeWave Research, US corporations’ plans to purchase software over the next 90 days has slowed across most major software categories.  While some of this slowdown is seasonal in nature, this performance might be seen as disconcerting as it is occurring at the same time as ChangeWave’s surveys reveal that U.S. consumers have also been scaling back their purchasing plans.

Corporate Software Spending Survey Results

The July survey revealed that 18% of all survey respondents now say their companies will spend less on software over the next 90 days — a result which is 5-pts worse than what was seen in the prior survey conducted in April. Only 14% say they’ll spend more on software – 6-pts worse than the previous survey.

The decline in spending plans took place across most major software categories, including Business Intelligence, CRM, Data Storage, and Virtualization.  It is important to note that in most of these categories, ChangeWave discovered that more firms were still planning to spend more over the coming 90 days than spend less over that period.  Despite this fact, corporations were clearly less optimistic than they have been in the recent past.

The decrease in software spending plans is occurring across companies of all sizes – although the percentage of respondents projecting more spending is highest among large-sized firms (over 1,000 employees) and lowest among companies with 10 employees or less.

A total of 1610 managers involved in the purchase of software at their companies participated in  ChangeWave’s most recent survey, conducted from July 7th through 20th.

About ChangeWave Research

ChangeWave Research is a Rockville, Maryland-based company that conducts a series of more than 20 surveys each quarter measuring real time changes in Corporate Buying, Consumer Demand and Sentiment, Company, and Industry trends in a broad range of sectors including IT, Telecom, Energy, and Healthcare.  Utilizing its proprietary Research Network of 25,000 business, technology and healthcare professionals, ChangeWave tracks demand trends on a number of business and consumer topics.

The firm provides the results of this research through a weekly subscription service of published reports to its Institutional clients. ChangeWave also conducts proprietary surveys on behalf of its clients. Its products include quarterly publications covering corporate spending and corporate sales; quarterly industry reports that select segment winners/losers, industry spending trends and new technology adoptions; and monthly company reports that include investment theses and long/short-term outlooks for the company.

ChangeWave is one of several firms within the Phillips Investment Research Group including Louis Navellier’s Blue Chip Growth, Tobin Smith’s ChangeWave Investing, Dan Wiener’s The Independent Adviser for Vanguard Investors, and Richard Band’s Profitable Investing.

For more information about this research report, or to contact ChangeWave about their various research services, please contact Andy Golub at  301 250 2257.



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