US Expert Networks Weather Hurricane “Insider Trading Investigations” while Some European Peers Swim in the Peaceful Waters of Capital


New York – It is turbulent times for the US expert network industry since insider trading investigations have prompted clients in the financial services industry to fly away from this, once upon a time favorite information-gathering tool. European peers, however, have not seen the storm. Indeed, some of them are being capitalized and getting ready to grow.

Atheneum Partners, an investment research and advisory firm based in Berlin, announced this week a new round of financing from Captona Beteiligungssellschaft and well-established Family Offices. The new founding will help Atheneum to reinforce its proprietary knowledge software platform and to allocate resources for the expansion of its client base.

Atheneum Partners offers custom-made solutions to research initiatives globally, with special emphasis on Emerging and European markets. It helps investors and corporate clients connect with industry experts positioned to provide relevant market insights. Atheneum maintains its Executive Network, a pool of more than 60,000 experts in sectors of high investment potential. The network includes senior managers, independent advisors, former C-level executives, medical doctors, scientists, and political leaders, among others, from more than 25 countries. Besides expert sessions, Atheneum’s services include research analysis and talent acquisition.

Christian Figge, Captona’s managing director, commented on the funding agreement: “We were immediately impressed by Atheneum’s unmatched access to top experts with niche industry specializations and within key regions beyond Anglo-Saxon markets. Supported by a strong management team and innovative software platform, Atheneum Partners has a secure place at the forefront of this growth market.”

If the US current situation in the expert network space can offer any lesson to help peers abroad maintain sustainable growth, it is to strengthen written compliance policies and procedures and sternly enforce them.



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