Using Trade Data to Follow Glencore


New York – With an $11-billion initial public offering in the works, there’s intense interest in, but limited new disclosures from the resolutely low-profile Glencore AG. We recently came across some interesting notes from Datamyne, a trade data provider covered by Integrity, that uses trade statistics to shed some light on the activities of Glencore and its affiliates.

For instance, Datamyne recently took a look at what their trade data can reveal about Colombia’s consumption of US exports and found, among other things, that three of Colombia’s top five importers of off-highway dump trucks have ties to Glencore, evidence of the company’s dominance in a key market for US heavy equipment and in Colombia’s coal mining sector.

Datamyne’s trade data on the US, the EU and Latin America can also shed light on the cross-border commerce of Glencore’s numerous affiliates. Another example from their blog: Datamyne’s bill-of-lading data supplies details of US import transactions with Xstrata, a diversified mining company, currently 34.5% owned by Glencore.

The Datamyne is an import-export database and trade software company that provides services to firms involved in foreign trade. Their database is updated daily and includes information on products, prices, country of origin and destination, shipment quantity, net and brut weight, freight value and insurance, taxes charged, and firm names. Datamyne is headquartered in Miami, Florida, with an ISO-certified trade data center in Montevideo, Uruguay, and satellite offices in Connecticut and Argentina.

Raw data on every product being imported and exported from several countries around the world (including China) is collected, stored, and put in a searchable format. Pricing varies on a project-by-project basis. Subscription to The Datamyne allows users to create customized reports tracking the specific trends, data, or analyses the user needs.

To find out more about what Datamyne’s trade data can reveal about Glencore, its affiliates, or other players in commodities, click here to contact one of their trade data specialists.


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