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New York – On Monday, Bloomberg Tradebook hosted a breakfast meeting featuring a market outlook by the team at ValuEngine—a quantitative research provider founded in 1997 by Yale Finance Professor, Zhiwu Chen, PhD. Over time, ValuEngine has enhanced its product offerings, so that now they have a significant overlay of analyst content to augment the quantitative models.

 The Tradebook event was hosted by Shika Ademu-John, of Tradebook and the ValuEngine (VE) speakers were Steve Hach—senior analyst and Richard Suttmeier—chief market strategist. Also in attendance was ValuEngine’s president, Paul Henneman and VP of Business Development, Holly Willows.

 Steve Hach took the group through the models offered by VE, which fall into two main offerings. The first is a valuation model which determines the under/over valuation of particular stocks in the 4,500 stock coverage list of the firm. The second model is the forecast model, which speaks for itself. Together the models form a consistent construct of valuation and investment timing for investors.

 Richard Suttmeier presented his views on the economy and markets over intermediate term. Richard utilizes years of market experience using a primarily technical analytical process. As well, Richard looks at data sets and assesses the market posture through multiple analyses. His main thesis is that the FDIC data and technicals indicate that the market has a ways to go in resolving its bearish posture. Add this data to the extremely weak securitization markets and there is a significant probability that Richard’s outlook is correct.

 ValuEngine was one of the research providers that was one of the beneficiaries of the Global Research Analyst Settlement, which mostly ended in July of this year. Over the term of the settlement, though, Paul Henneman was busy building an analytical overlay that can draw out the most pertinent elements of the valuation and forecast models, produce stock reports, and provide strategic market advice. By rounding out the product suite, Henneman has been effective in growing the business and extending the client base. In addition, VE now has coverage of Canadian stocks and also has a Japanese model.

 For presentation materials contact Holly Willows.


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