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New York- BTIG LLC, a broker dealer specializing in institutional trading and related brokerage services, announced this week it has entered into an exclusive agreement with Connexiti, a web-based tool that provides supply chain analytics. The agreement will give BTIG’s clients access to actionable information collected and translated by Connexity in a way that it can be effectively used by institutional investors. Details of the deal can be viewed in the press release posted at the end of this article.

This is not the first time financial services institutions partner up with technology-based information providers to offer their clients with value-added research. In 2005 Credit Suisse First Boston (CSFB) partnered with Relegence, a real-time news engine, creating a product called Relegence Connect. It combined CSFB’s mapping of company relationships and industry supply chains with Relegence’s content sourcing and filtering capabilities to help investors anticipate investment opportunities based on related news flow. The product was used by CSFB’s analysts as well as by its buy-side clients.

Relegence was acquired by AOL in 2006. While AOL continued to use the Relegence technology internally as a news engine for its consumer-oriented products, Relegence’s platform targeted to institutional investors was shut in 2009.

The idea of leveraging technology-based information engines for investment research has enormous potential. Web-based research, if properly translated and adapted to fit the investment community’s needs, offers traders, PMs and analysts close to real-time unique information –a precious good for this community.



New York – October 20, 2009 — BTIG LLC, a broker dealer specializing in institutional trading and related brokerage services, today announced that it has entered into an exclusive agreement with Connexiti, the leading provider of supply chain data analytics, to provide BTIG’s clients with money-making actionable information.

“BTIG is committed to providing access to unique resources and useful content to our institutional client base,” said Steven Starker, Co-Founder of BTIG. “We are teaming up with Connexiti because it applies technology to transform data into information in ways that would be quite difficult and time consuming for our clients to do themselves, providing real added value to our clients.”

Connexiti analyzes thousands of companies globally, with an added focus on the technology sector, closely monitoring and identifying supply chain disconnects and making forward looking predictions about stock movements. Money making ideas and decision flags are generated from an objective quantitative model incorporating hundreds of thousands of data points.

The Connexiti platform allows its users to create customized portfolios, organize and upload company models and research, and filter and tag relevant news articles from more than 70,000 global sources.

“Connexiti has defined hundreds of thousands of proprietary, quantified relationships not available anywhere else,” stated Richard Davenport, Connexiti’s founder and COO. “Our proprietary algorithms utilize quantified relationships that help investors better understand money flows between companies on a global basis. We then employ this proprietary data to make predictive stock calls.”

In addition to its customizable user platform, Connexiti also provides its own technology supply chain research reports and analysis.

“This agreement with Connexiti will allow BTIG clients to benefit from our sourcing of unique tools that permit better portfolio decision making and increase money making potential,” added Michael Balog, Managing Director and Head of Marketing at BTIG. “We strive to provide our clients with differentiated resources that generate alpha.”

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